Mar 29, 2007

Free Write: Weekend

Camping, dancing, dressing up and a wedding. These were all part of my weekend.

Friday I went home to go to a wedding of two people that I used to work with. I drove an hour both ways to say "Congrats" eat some chocolate, and drive an hour home. That was fun. That night though a bunch of us in our ward went up Provo Canyon and made a campfire. We roasted marshmallows, and hotdogs--the real way. We went and found sticks; none of those store bought roasters for us! Then we just looked at the stars and talked.

Saturday was the day of the big Heritage Formal! And my first date with an RM. So I got all dressed up, squeezed myself into my Prom dress that seemed to have shrunk since I had worn it last year (I swear, it was like wearing a corset!), and went to party hardy! The Morris Center looked really good. In just one night I visited France, England, China, New York, Italy, Mexico, and the rain forest. My life is now complete, there is no reason for me to ever travel as I have seen it all! After the dance, and after I got out of my dress and could breathe again, I sat outside with an English, rugby player in my ward and ate ice cream and listened to all the interesting stories from his life.

Ah, the joys of college life! You share spoons with people, dance crazily, go camping, leaving no room for the real reason you came here--Studying! Of course, studying is completely overrated...

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