Feb 14, 2010

My Valentine is Better than Yours

As a single girl, sometimes it's hard to appreciate a day devoted to love. I have shared my cynical and bitter feelings in previous years. But this year, I'm taking a different view of Valentine's Day. It's still hard to go through, but I think that it being on Sunday this year has really helped me realize something: Valentine's Day is about ALL love, not just romantic and I have some pretty great valentine's.

My parents are my valentines. They always will love me, and they will always care about and for me. I realized this when I went home this weekend and my dad had gotten me a card and three balloons, in my favorite color. But, I really realize it everyday of my life. When I call home and they talk to me about whatever. When my mom reads through my papers and stories. They are my valentines 365.25 days of the year! Now, how many people can be sure that they will have the same boyfriend in a year from now?

But the best valentine that I have (and that everyone has) is Jesus Christ. Our Relief Society lesson today was on Christ as our leader and savior. Christ had so much love for me and for all the billions of people that ever have or ever will live on the earth that he suffered, died, and rose from the dead for us. Christ is always there for us--even more so than our families. He has felt our pain, our joy, our sorrows, our love and he has an understanding of us that is greater than we can ever imagine. I'm glad to call him my valentine.

And if I never get another valentine for the rest of my life, I will count myself the luckiest person because of the knowledge I have of the one true valentine that everyone can have as long as they are faithful and accepting.

He gave His heart to me and I am trying to return it.

Happy Valentine's Day, I love you all.

Feb 11, 2010

I Heart This

I love that couldn't go to sleep tonight until I wrote the end of my story.

That must be what it's all about.