Apr 15, 2009


Remember when you had to write a poem using the letters of your name? Well.

When I fall in love (Sam Cooke)
Homeward Bound (Simon and Garfunkel)
I do believe in fairies (James Newton Howard)
Thankful (Josh Groban)
Nessun Rimpianto (883)
Easy as life (Aida)
You are loved (Don't give up) (Josh Groban)

Apr 13, 2009

1988: True Vintage

So, I guess I'm 21 now. Pretty crazy! As my cousin said: turning 21 isn't nearly as fun when you have morals. Haha. I keep telling people that now I can order a drink I'll never taste and go to a casino where I won't gamble.

I had planned a whole big kegger to have, but then I realized that would take money and time to plan. Instead I had a quiet dinner with my parents and went to the ward talent show.

Birthdays aren't much fun as you get older.

Oh well! 21 years down and I'm still alive! I think that's a pretty good record.

Love you all!

Apr 8, 2009

A Song for Everyday

About four months ago, I decided I wanted to find a song for everyday of the week. Thursdays were definitely the hardest, but I finally did it! I don't have some of the artists for the songs, so if you know what they are, put it in the comments so I can edit the post accordingly!

Friday, I'm in Love (Cure)
(Another) Saturday Night (Sam Cooke)
Manic Monday
Ruby Tuesday
Wednesday (Jimmy Eat World)
Thursday Afternoon (Indigo Girls)
Friday on My Mind (Easybeats)
Saturday Night's for Fighting

Apr 6, 2009

"When I Grow Up and Get Married... I'm Living Alone"

I feel like Kevin from Home Alone. I woke up and everyone was gone.

I made my roommates disappear!

Apr 2, 2009

Oh Gosh

I've only been a manager for four days... and I already made someone bleed.

How embarrassing.