Mar 6, 2007

Free Write: RPG's

A long time ago I got into online RPG's, but instead of stuff like Dungeons and Dragons, these were writing RPG's. The ones I was a member of were taken from popular books and then you created a character or used one that the author had created. This particular "post" came from an RPG called Life in the Land of Tortall, and it was taken from the books about Tortall by Tamora Pierce. I created a character named Raven, and while the writing isn't very good, these RPG's helped my develop my writing and become more interested in creative writing. This is the introduction to my character, Raven. Just as some background information on Raven: he's the youngest son of a Lord, black curly hair, light blue eyes, mischievous. His father sent him to Corus (the capital of Tortall) in order for him to find a potential wife. Within Corus is the school where young boys (and girls now, but that's a whole different story) come to train to become knights and contains some of the best fighters and military men in the country. Duke Gareth works within the palace

A young man stepped out of the stables. He was well built and of good family, this much you could tell just by looking at him. You could also tell that he was troublesome, just by the gleam in his unusual eyes. With him was a mangy, but clean, mutt of a dog, and a young man, a servant by his clothes. "Really Jonny, I'm sure that we won't interrupt anything important by going to visit Duke Gary. It's not like he's off fighting the immortals." The tall youth strode toward the palace. "I know Master Raven, but it seems we should have made an appointment first, or announced that we were coming." Raven shook his head, his unruly hair shining in the sunlight. "I told you, I'm just 'Raven' here in Corus. And what would being announced get us, but a bunch of unwanted hullabaloo, and people trying to make us comfortable. No," He
put his hand on Jonny's shoulder, "This is the perfect way to visit someone." They arrived at the door which said Duke Gareth the Younger. Raven knocked, than entered without waiting for an affirmative call. Fortunately, Jonny noticed, the duke was alone at his desk. "Gary!!" exclaimed Raven as he lounged in a chair, "How mauvelous to see you, really." Jonny bowed, muttering, "Milord," and stood at the door. "Let me guess," Raven continued, "You were just about to ask what I'm doing here in Corus. Well I'll save you the trouble. My father sent me here for, shall we say, a holiday." Picked up a bit of grapes left of from milord's lunch. "Am I right?"

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