Jan 31, 2009

How To...

... date 10 guys in 30 minutes!

Friday night I participated in a strange phenomenon called "Speed Dating." The basic concept is thus: a least 100 marrying age guys and girls are all put into a room in the hopes of meeting an eternal companion (or at least someone to go on a date with). At each table is ten guys and ten girls. Every 3 minutes a gong is sounded, and the guys change places; a conversation is supposed to take place until the gong sounds again in 3 minutes. The hope is that at the end of the night you would have found at least 1 person you would like to meet again.

I discovered that it really all just depends on why you're going on these "dates." I heard some people say that they were out looking for dates, and at the end of the night they hadn't met anyone. As for me, I went to meet someone outside of work and the ward. And I met some interesting guys. I think that best thing is did for me is prove to me that not every attractive, nice guy at BYU had a girlfriend/fiancee/wife. And it helped to improve my conversation skills a bit.

True, there were still guys like the ones I have gone on dates with previously (bad conversationalists, and AWKWARD!), but I only had to talk to them for three minutes. And then there were the guys that the three minutes ended and I was loath to let them go because we had just started a great conversation. I don't know if anything will come of this experience, but it was fun to go to!

BTW: I don't have any truly awkward stories to share (unfortunately) but my roommate had a guy accidentally spit on her face!

Next time I might drag my brothers with me! ;)

Jan 26, 2009


It has been exactly two years since I was hired at the CONE.

Doesn't seem that long.

But it's been TOO long.

Jan 24, 2009

To My Brother...

A couple of days ago, my brother asked me if I could think about what he had been doing right, or well in his life. Well, I thought about it, big brother, and I decided to write it on my blog so everyone could know! Here is a celebration of my brother (my biological one, I might have to do another one for my other brother).

Brother. Here are some things that you are doing well as a big brother:

*I know that I can always count on you for help; whether it's for my technology problems, or I just need someone to comfort me.
*You always have my back. You once offered to kill someone for hurting me, and I think you actually might if I gave you the chance.
*You have always been a protector, but you have also been my bodyguard, my support, and my friend.

Here are some things that you are doing right in life:

*You are a good example. You are happy. And a good friend. You aren't afraid to be yourself, or to step out of the box.
*You have determination. If you want to learn something new, or start a new project, you go through with it.
*You are uber talented. You take beautiful pictures, you write amazingly, you can create a mini world in an aquarium, you can cook (deliciously!).

Brother, you are the best big brother I could have. You have always been a hero in my eyes. As humans often do, you have made mistakes, but you haven't let them keep you down (at this point I started singing a song which has those words in it, but that was a complete accident). I know that you are a great friend, brother, and son, and that someday you will be a wonderful husband and father (as long as you don't curse your kids with any of those crazy names you have thought up). And I am constantly amazed that there aren't girls swooning over you, because you are so fantastic! (Maybe if you let me take you clothes shopping? And you promised to wear what I tell you to buy? Maybe?)

I love you, brother. You're a great one.

Jan 19, 2009

George the Dragon

We have a real live fantasy creature in our apartment. His name is George and he is a dragon. Though none of us have actually seen George (he's shy), we hear him multiple times a day.

George the Dragon lives in our pipes, and when the water turns he does one of two things (or changes from one to the other):

1) He will either complain loudly about the injustice he has to go through early in the morning as we wake him by turning on the water.


2) He will sing and harmonize with us.

Sunday morning he sang with me. This morning he complained fully, outraged that I would wake up at 8:00 this morning when it is a holiday. But I suppose that he forgave me, because this evening he sang with me as I washed my face and got ready for bed.

How many other people can say they have a singing dragon named George in their apartment?

Jan 7, 2009


Though I may not be a big fan of snow (especially when I am required to walk further than to my mailbox and back) I have to acknowledge the hushed reverence that covers campus when it is snowing.

As I was walking to the bookstore to, of course, buy some books, I looked around me and was surprised by what I saw as what I was hearing would have suggested something the complete opposite. There were people all around me! And yet, the everyday sounds of college life seemed muted. It was as if the snow blanketed everything and muffled the sounds.

The only time this seems to occur is while the snow is in the process of precipiting. (Yes, I am fully aware that isn't a real word.) After the snow has stopped, the world's sound is turned on again, and the laughing and groaning of college students is heard at full level.

What is it about snow which causes such respect and reverance?

Love you all.

Jan 1, 2009


So I was bored yesterday (a consequence of being the only one at the apartment I suppose) so I decided to paint my fingernails black. I'd never done it before. Thing is...I kind of like it. Maybe I have a little emo/goth in me afterall?