Mar 22, 2007

Writing Technique: Summary

For this week's writing technique I'm going to summarize a book I recently read.

In Stephenie Meyer's young adult novel, Twilight, the reader is introduced to seventeen year old Bella. Bella moved to Washington to live with her father, Charlie after her mother remarried. The town in which her father lives is small and wet, as Washington usually is. On her first day of school, Bella notices the Cullen family--three boys and two girls who are all beautiful and mysterious. No one in town talks to them. Bella is instantly attracted to Edward Cullen, but is surprised when her seems to dislike her from the moment they meet. It is only after Bella is almost hit by a car in the school parking lot and is saved by Edward that they start to become friends. Edward is still distant, and sometimes harsh on Bella, but it seems that he is always there in case she gets into trouble. Bella starts to guess the truth about Edward when she goes to the beach with some of the kids from her school and she meets some of the young boys fromt he reservation. She talks to one and he tells her a legend that his people have about vampires and how they believe that the Cullen family are the original vampires from the story. Bella confronts Edward and learns that what she heard is partly true. Instead of being horrified by her discovery, she is just curious and still hopelessly in love with Edward. Now that Bella knows the truth, Edward begs her to leave him alone, in order to protect herself (even though the Cullen family doesn't believe on feeding on humans), but she refuses. Eventually, Edward and Bella develop a relationship--only after Edward is able to conquer his natural feelings. Eventually Bella starts to spend time with the Cullen family, and it is during one of these times that her life is endangered. While playing a vampire version of baseball, some other vampires meet them, and they don't have the same beliefs as the Cullens. They are able to tell that Bella isn't a vampire, and are attracted to her smell. One is a hunter, and is determined to have Bella, though it takes great effort to get her.

Now I wouldn't want to give away the dning, because that's no fun! So do like LaVar Burton says and "don't take my word for it!" and check it out for yourself!

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