Mar 20, 2007

Free Write: Three Ironies

Leave it to me to fall for the one non-LDS person at BYU. Of course he’s not really the ONLY non-LDS at BYU, but he’s the only one I know of. I have grown up in Utah, I have only ever dated the good LDS boys (of course, I haven’t dated much at all, but the five or so boys I have gone on at least one date with have been the good LDS boys.) Then I come to BYU, the LDS Bachelor capital of America, and I fall for a Catholic. Why does life work this way?

Not only that, but after leaving my hometown, a rumor was started that I was engaged. True, I had come to BYU which has the infamous reputation of marrying off everyone—“Ring by Spring or Your Money Back,” right? Not only did my friends from high school start thinking I was engaged, but it made it back to my hometown and my sister’s mother-in-law heard it from a lady in her ward that I don’t even know! Not only am I not engaged (nor do I plan to be in the near future), but I’m not even dating anyone! My boyfriend and I broke up three months before I left! The rumor mill is an amazing piece of machinery.

When my brother came to college, my parents and I moved into a new—bigger—house. Not only that, but once I left, my dad finally bought the Honda Odyssey that he had been saving up to buy. Not that strange right? Well, it is when you do all this after all your children leave home. It’s as if now that they are empty nesters they decided that not only did they want a bigger nest, in order to feel lonelier, but they also wanted a bigger vehicle in order to show that they are “real” Mormons, though it doesn’t quite work if they don’t have 10 kids piled in the back. I think that the empty nester mentality is something that needs some sort of therapy—it makes you buy things that you don’t really need!

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