Feb 20, 2016

30 before 30: Change My Job Situation

Last month I applied to another job. For nearly the past two years, I had been looking for and applying for jobs off and on. I had started to become discouraged. I'd apply for a job and either never hear from them or get an interview and then never hear from them. 

It's a hard cycle to constantly be in.

So when I applied to this job, I was like, "Well, I did what I could do, time to move on." 

Then I received an email requesting a phone interview. That seemed to go pretty well. That night I got called to set up an in person interview. Two days later--nervous as all getout--I had my in person interview.

And I totally bombed it. Seriously. I started my interview with "I'm just really nervous . . ." which I'm pretty sure is number 2 on the list of interview don'ts, closely following "Don't wear sweatpants". And I felt that every answer I gave was wandering and tangential, and worst of all, WAY too long. I found myself thinking "Shut up. Stop talking now." This all means that I left the interview feeling pretty sure I wasn't going to get the job. And completely exhausted because of how nervous I had been all day.

I sleepwalked through the weekend, trying to forget, but having to relive it whenever someone asked how my interview had gone. And then Monday I was asked to come in for a third interview. That completely blew the socks off me. 

Tuesday I went in, and left with an unofficial job offer! What the what?!

In two days time, I will start my new job as an Editor, course of study for the College of Healthcare Professionals at Western Governors University.