Apr 13, 2018

20 Things I'm Glad I Did in my 20s

Today, at exactly the time this is posted, I will have turned 30. It's been interesting the past few months as I have thought about turning 30 and what that means and how I feel about it. It's kind of a rollercoaster thing--sometimes I didn't care, other times it freaked me out, sometimes it was exciting. In turning 30, I'm reminded of all the things I though I would have done by now or the place in my life I would be. I think these things are what make it hard for me. I thought I'd be married and have at least one child. I thought I'd be in a different place in my career. I thought I'd feel older, be more mature, act more confident . . .

But, instead of focusing on the things I didn't do in my 20s, I think I should talk about the things I did do. So, in no particular order, here are the 20 things I'm glad I did in my 20s:

1. Went on a study abroad.
 I started off with a bang by going to England for 8 weeks just two weeks after I entered my 20s. I had never been anywhere really and it was such an amazing opportunity and I learned so much and grew a lot and fell in love with England.

2. Applied for promotions at work.
I think that maybe in my early 20s I wasn't as timid or something, because I applied for 2 promotions and got both of them. I learned a lot of things as a manager of the on campus grocery I worked at, mostly about how customers of different ages will generally treat people working in that kind of position. I learned to treat every worker I come across with kindness and respect, because they are working hard.

3. Finished my undergraduate.
I know a lot of people who are still trying to get their bachelor's degree. Maybe they couldn't afford to go to school or it needed to be put on hold because of family or other reasons. I'm glad that I was able to go to go to university and get my degree in the field I wanted.

4. Did internships.
I don't know if I would be the editor and employee I am if it wasn't for the three internships I was able to participate in. I met many different people, learned about editing in a variety of industries, and just learned a little more about the world.

5. Went to the temple.
I went to the temple early, especially for a single woman in the church, but it has been such a blessing as life went through all its ups and downs.

6. Moved into my first post-college apartment.
After I graduated from college, I moved back with my parents for a couple of years while I was completing my internships. Then my best friend got home from her mission and we chose an apartment together. Living with her was like having sleepovers all the time. I still remember us laying on the floor that first night because we didn't have a couch yet and looking up at the ceiling of our very own place. We weren't very wild, but that apartment definitely has some fun memories.

7. Vacationed by myself.
I think everyone should take at least one vacation by themselves. When I was 25, I went to Prince Edward Island, Canada, by myself. I was tired of thinking "Oh, I'll go when I have someone to go with," so I saved up the money and planned it. The best part of traveling by yourself is that you aren't worrying if the other person is having a good time, or having to do things you don't want to do because your travel companions want to do them. I got to stay in a nice hotel that I probably wouldn't have if others went with me and I learned how to enjoy my own company.

8. Became an aunt.
I mean, it's not like I really got to CHOOSE to do this, but I'm so glad that I became one in my 20s! I love those two little girls so much.

9. Received help for my mental health.
I thought I could work through it myself. I thought that I didn't need any help. But we all need help, whatever form it is in, and I'm glad that I chose to get help in the form I thought would help me. If I think of how I was 5 years ago compared to now, I'm much better than I was then.

10. Cut my hair and grew it back.
I have gone from halfway down my back to my ears, or chin. I'm not adventurous with a lot of things, but I can be when it comes to trying out new hairstyles. I know a lot of people wouldn't be able to cut off 13 inches of hair at once, but I did it several times over my 20s and it's a good way to learn what you like, to make a difference in your life. If you don't like it, hair grows!

11. Embraced my geekiness.
As a preteen and teenager, I tried really hard to be something I wasn't. I wanted to be "cool" and popular, but I just wasn't that way. Once I started slowly embracing my geekery I've been happier with myself and have met some really cool, geeky people.

12. Learned to be okay doing things by myself.
If I want to see a movie, go to a play, or see a concert, I can, even if I don't have anyone to go with. Having someone to share experiences with is great, but you don't need someone to enjoy something. And sometimes it's nice not having someone there to distract you.

13. Went to comic con.
Salt Lake started it's comic con a few years ago. The first time I went with a friend and we were both kind of nervous about it. But we both had a great time and now I love going every year and getting to dress up and meet amazing people.

14. Not bending my morals.
When you try to be someone else to appeal to people who wouldn't like you for you, you end up unhappy. Don't ever change who you are and what you believe in for someone else. I'm glad that I have stuck to my beliefs.

15. Laughed.
Laughing is a must. Having private jokes with people, being surprised by something someone said, laughing over something that isn't funny . . . never be afraid to laugh. Laugh long and loud.

16. Cried.
Looking back at some of the things I cried about in my 20s really makes me cringe. But the thing is, they were important enough for my tears back then. Crying can be cleansing and freeing. It's letting out pent up emotions and allowing yourself to feel sad. It's okay to be sad.

17. Became closer to Sis.
I think that since I entered my 20s, my relationship with my sister has become stronger. We were close as kids, but I don't know if it was the four years between us or what, but I have always been closer to my brother than her. I've spent more time talking to her about things in my life and things in her life, and I've started to see how our similarities and differences complement each other and how we can learn from each other.

18. Continued to learn.
Whether it was taking classes or independently learning something on my own through podcasts, books, and the internet, I made sure I was always learning and growing. Even if the things I learned were just trivia.

19. Learned the value of experiences.
Some people never learn how experiences can be so much more rewarding than objects. Yes, I have objects and continue to buy objects of different sorts, but I find myself want to have more experiences now.

20. Got my master's degree.
I'm glad that I went back to school and completed it while I was in my 20s and single. It's hard to do anyway, I can't imagine doing it when there are more things in my life that require my time.

Apr 12, 2018

30 before 30: Learn to do make up/hair

So I think over the past 2 1/2 years since I made my 30 before 30, I've definitely become better at doing my make up and hair. I watched tutorials and pinned pins and tried things out. However, for every day, I'm also lazy.

However, I do enjoy trying different things and making myself up for Sundays and special occasions.

30 before 30: Attend the Temple Once a Month

This has been a big blessing in my life, as I've taken the time to go to the temple once a month. I'm so blessed to be near so many temples, because I know there are a lot of people in the world who can only hope to attend once in their lives. This is something I'm definitely going to continue to do.

30 before 30: Buy an Awesome Comic Con costume

I've always wanted to buy a cosplay for comic con instead of cobbling one together, but they can be kind of expensive. I decided that my reward for finishing my program would be buying a costume.

I really wanted to be a princess, but it was hard to find something just right. I thought about nearly all of them, but they took wigs, or the dresses wouldn't be as modest as I like. I finally settled on Rapunzel--she turns brunette at the end, so I wouldn't need a wig, and her dress is modest.

So excited to wear this to Salt Lake FanX in September!

Apr 1, 2018

30 before 30: Begin the Process of Buying a Home

This last month I started the process of buying a home. I talked to a mortgage lender and a realtor. However, it's a competitive market right now and out of about 10 homes I have wanted to look at, I have only been able to actually see 1 because with a day they have already gone under contract.

There is a lot I don't know about the whole process. It's kind of "scary exciting" when I think of it.

The fortunate thing is that I can take my time to find the place that is right for me and where I am supposed to be. Which, because it's been hard getting a house, is good to remember.

Mar 3, 2018

30 Before 30: Go Back to England

So this hasn't happened yet and won't until a couple of weeks after I turn 30, but it's all planned! Bro and I are going to England at the end of April. We have our plane tickets and booked an AirBnB. I'm so excited to go back and see some of my favorite things and experience things I didn't an opportunity to when I was there 10 years ago.

Jan 14, 2017

30 Before 30: Apply to Grad School Again

Several years ago, I applied to grad school and was brokenhearted when I didn't get in. Now, I work at a university, so I get a good chunk of my tuition paid for by work, which I have to admit is a huge incentive to me getting my master's through there.

I just finished filling out my application and I will be starting May or June on my Master's of Education degree in Instructional Design.

It's a little scary, but I'm pretty excited to finally be able to say I have a master's degree (well, that I'm working toward one).