Mar 28, 2010


For my roommate's birthday, my other roommate and I made a strawberry shortcake! It looks beautiful and I'm sure it tastes just as yummy too (but it's fast sunday so we have to wait . . . ).

Mar 27, 2010

Because of Doctor Who . . .

. . . I am scared of the following things:

1. mannequins
2. fat people who fart too much
3. trampolines
4. broken clocks
5. kids looking for their mummys
6. gasmasks
7. mirrors
8. scarecrows
9. mortuaries
10. reality TV
11. cats
12. weird tasting chips
13. cafeteria food
14. bluetooths (blueteeth?)
15. TVs
16. people repeating what I say
17. young kids who draw/color
18. scribbles
19. hospitals
20. traffic jams
21. statues of angels
22. old professors with fob watches
23. British Prime Ministers
24. the sound of drums
25. bees
26. cruises
27. weight loss pills
28. kid geniuses
29. libraries
30. double shadows
31. turning left
32. four knocks
33. double decker buses
34. rhinos
35. 4 somethings and a lizard
36. children with red balloons
37. political campaigns
38. christmas trees
39. zippers
40. Santa Claus
41. marionettes
42. Shakespeare
43. bell towers
44. nannies
45. pigs
46. "Jingle Bells"
47. blinking

Yes, because of Doctor Who, I am a paranoid freak. Brilliant.

Mom and Daughter

I've never thought I looked like my mom before--that I always took after my dad's side of the family. But I think this photo has proved me wrong.

This is my mom 34 years ago when she was 23 (?) after she and my uncle Scott went to Europe.

This is me, two years ago (age 20) when I was in London. Our faces and "smiles" are similar, and our pants even look the same!

I guess I have more of my mom in me than I thought.

Mar 14, 2010

New Recipe!

Today is a day for new things! Here's a new recipe that I have adapted from my mom's Sausage Filled Crepes recipe!

Sausage Crescent Rolls

1 lb ground sausage
1/4 cup minced yellow onions (about 1/2 a small onion)
1 package (8 oz) cream cheese
1/2 cup grated cheddar cheese
3 packages crescent rolls (I only used two and had filling left over!)

Set cream cheese out to soften. Brown sausage in a pan with onions and drain. Mix cream cheese, cheddar and sausage together. Preheat oven to 375*. Open crescent rolls packages and pull the triangles apart. With a spoon, flatten the rolls just a little bit to make them bigger. Spoon some filling on top, then roll up the dough. Tuck the ends in to keep the filling from escaping while cooking. When done, cook for 11-13 minutes until the rolls are golden brown. Enjoy!

Here's another way to use crescent rolls in your cooking!

New Dress!

For any of you who are females, and LDS, you can probably relate to the feeling of having a new dress to wear to church-especially if you are in a single's ward. I've been wanting a dress for a long time (I just have skirts), mostly because I see all the girls in my ward in their cute dresses. Plus, it seems like these girls all have something new to wear every week when I keep wearing the same skirt and shirt combinations over and over again. (My mom has accused me of being vain, and I guess I am a little . . . oh well.) So, I finally got a new dress at this great store in University Mall call 2Love.

I'm so excited to go to church in my new dress! Finally, something cute that I own! I even got a flower for my hair that matches!

Have a good Sunday!

Mar 8, 2010

Having a bad day?

It's a little long, but worth it.
By the way, you are great.

Mar 7, 2010

'Cuz I'm Utahn!

See the inspiration for this post!

I just want to set straight the stereotypes that surround people from Utah and make sure everyone knows the truth. So, here I go.

My dad actually has six wives.

Cuz I'm UTAHN.

Fetch is my favorite swear word.

Cuz I'm UTAHN.

I bleach my hair and tangle it so much in the back that it looks like a rat settled in my hair.

Cuz I'm UTAHN.

I pronounce creek like crick.

Cuz I'm UTAHN.

I have no idea what marijuana is. Or how to pronounce it.

Cuz I'm UTAHN.

I have never met a nonmember before.

Cuz I'm UTAHN.

My favorite salad is green jell-o with carrots.

Cuz I'm UTAHN.

I'm a horrible driver.

Cuz I'm UTAHN.

The biggest holiday of the year for me is the Y v. U football game.

Cuz I'm UTAHN.

I know every person in my town, because, you know, we all go to the same church.

Cuz I'm UTAHN.

I hear all the latest gossip about everyone else.

Cuz I'm UTAHN.

I look down on you if you aren't Mormon . . . not that I know anyone who isn't.

Cuz I'm UTAHN.

At eighteen I got married, to a twenty-three year old.

Cuz I'm UTAHN.

I come from a family of twelve children.

Cuz I'm UTAHN.

Sandlot is my favorite movie.

Cuz I'm UTAHN.

Funeral potatoes are a staple at every meal.

Cuz I'm UTAHN.