Apr 2, 2007

Free Write: General Conference

This past weekend was the LDS General Conference. What a fanatastic thing for the members of the church! We are able to here our beloved prophet speak to us, as well as other prominent members. When I was younger, while still a big deal, I had a hard time paying attention to conference. But since coming to BYU everything has become so much more meaningful. This was the first conference in which I have stayed awake for all four sessions.

It seems that every talk, every scripture, has something to do with my life--as if they are speaking right to me. Maybe its because I have come to know myself so much better since I have come to BYU. I think that moving away from my parents has something to do with that. I was really surprised when I discovered all of my faults. I seem to have taken one step forward and two steps back. Fortunatly I am the only that seems to have noticed this--my parents talk about me behind my back frequently about how far I have come and I have learned so much more about myself and my parents. My dad and I seem to have become a lot closer as my mom has relayed the tender things he has said about me.

Now that I know my faults, I am able to realize what I need to do to fix them. A daunting task for all of the faults that I possess. Hearing the general authorites speak as given me hope. I don't feel quite so pressured to have to change everything right now. There is hope, and God will except me for all my faults. He loves me in spite of my faults.

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