Apr 29, 2008

Salt Lake, Atlanta, and London

To all my family and friends! 'Ello from London! Here is just a brief glimpse of what I have done the past two days. The first picture is of my companion April and I at the Salt Lake Airport as we waited the arrival of our plane to take us to Atlanta, Georgia. The flight from SL to Atlanta took us about 3 and 1/2 hours. I saw the new movie "The Golden Compass," though the book was easier to understand. The BYU Living Legends team was also on the flight with us and I sat next to a girl on the team. They were on their way down to Chile for tour. I loved watching the world go by and marveling at the beauty of this world. God is an awesome artist.

We arrived in Atlanta, got something to eat, and met up with some more members of our group. The second picture is of my friend Maria, and I right before we got on the plane to come here, London! We had some nasty turbulence during "dinner" which was served at 11:30 Atlanta time. It was terrible. Our inflight movie was once again "The Golden Compass," so I decided to try to fall asleep during the movies. I only got 3 hours of sleep, but it was all good. Most of the flight was me trying to sleep, or trying to concentrate on something else, which was nearly impossible because I get airsick! Just discovered that...

This last picture is of my first view of England out of the airplane window. It was pretty cloudy, and we had just dropped beneath the clouds as we were going in for the landing. Everything is green and beautiful here. The first moment I actually thought "Oh my gosh, I'm in London" was when I first saw Hyde Park. It was so green and beautiful. It is pretty crazy being here; sitting here in my dorm room, I still can't believe it, but it's true. I love and miss you all, but mostly I'm just tired!