May 1, 2013

April Book of the Month

Well, gosh guys, I need to start reading better books apparently. Because of most of the books I've read only being so-so, I'm going to suggest a second novel in a series. I told myself I wasn't going to do this, because it's a second book and all, but it just looks like I'm going to have to this month--it was the only book that got a "yes" on my scale of "no to yes!" that I use to rate the books I read.

The book is Everbound by Brodie Ashton. Ashton is a Utah author, which is why I read her first novel, Everneath. I'm all about supporting local authors. :) Anyway, I loved Everneath. It's a paranormal teen novel, but it was different in a lot of good ways from the typical paranormal. My favorite part (and this might be considered a bit of a spoiler . . .) is that the main character didn't fall in love with the weird creepy guy who's been alive for centuries and stalks her! She loves a nice, normal boy. Yay! Also, the great thing about Everneath is that it could have been a stand alone novel. I hate it when a book ends practically in the middle of the sentence.

For these reasons alone, I would have read Everbound, but fortunately Ashton is a good writer too. Everbound does take up where the last novel ended, and takes the reader to the Everneath, what some people would call Hades or Hell or the Underworld. I don't really want to give too much away from the first book, but it's nice for the girl to be doing the saving. Unlike a lot of series/trilogies, this book didn't suffer from what I call "second book syndrome" (mainly, it didn't drag and fill like a filler book before the third one) and the entire story arch of the book came to a conclusion, which is how it should be. But there will be a third book, as the arch for that book was introduced.

This month's book kind of ended up being two books, but that's better right? Hopefully, there will be good books in the month of May!