Jun 18, 2013

Weary Traveler (PEI Day 1)

This day of traveling was tough for me. My flight left at 6 am, and being the good girl I am who always follows instructions, my dad and I planned for me to get at the airport two hours before my flight. This meant I woke up at 3 in the morning, which is too early for anyone. Once I got to the airport, I realized that security didn't even open until 4:30! I could have gotten another half hour of sleep!

So, I just stood outside security, being anxious for the day ahead of me. I don't think getting 5 hours of sleep helped at all. Once I made it through security, I easily found my gate, and sat down. I was just sitting there, being anxious, when all of a sudden I felt sick. This isn't uncommon for me--I have a nervous stomach, and being anxious just aggravates it even more--but usually it's just a nauseated feeling that doesn't usually ever come to anything (except for a few times in high school). But then I felt that sour feeling which precedes the inevitable, and I stood up quickly to get to the bathroom. Unfortunately, I didn't make it more than ten steps when I had to stop at a garbage can to . . . let's say, expectorate bile. At the gate. In front of a bunch of strangers. At 5 in the morning. The fortunate thing is that I didn't have anything in my stomach, so it wasn't as horrible as it could have been. Either no one noticed, or everyone politely ignored me, but I was able to sit down not much later. At first I was pretty upset about this (being sick makes one upset anyway), but then the thought came to mind, "Well, the day can only go up from here, right?" And it was with that cheerful thought that I boarded the plane to Minneapolis.

I spent most of the flight listening to my "relaxing" playlist on my phone, and dozing off and on. The landing was a bit rough, and it was even worse when I realized I had fifteen minutes to get to my next flight. So, with little in my stomach, and feeling nauseated from the flight, I raced to my gate. A nice airport employee told me when to get off the tram and which direction to head. I made the gate just in time, as the lady who checked my boarding pass told me. Before asking me if I was over sixteen, because I "just look young."

It is this second leg of my journey that the best story comes in.

My seat was next to a guy, probably mid to late 20s. We chatted a little bit, but since I get sick on every mode of transportation (except trains), I eventually said that I was going to try to get some sleep and put in my earbuds. He said okay, and then started talking to me again a few minutes later. After doing this twice, I realized that I wasn't going to get any rest on this flight, so I stopped trying. About halfway through the flight he asked me how I felt about long distance relationships. I told him that I'm not very good with them, and then he asked what I would say if he asked me out. I told him I'd say no. "Well, I'd just like to hang out," he responded, "I'd like to show you Minneapolis." I said that I didn't expect I'd be getting back to Minneapolis anytime soon. Then we got to talking about polygamy, because I'm from Utah and apparently that's all he ever heard about Utah. And I found out he was originally from India. It wasn't a horrible way to spend a couple of hours. But the good part came while we were descending for a landing in Toronto. He leaned over and whispered, "Do you mind if I ask a random question." I didn't. "Well, I have three hours before my next flight, and you have 2 hours. Do you want to have a fling?"

Hahahaha. Seriously, the moment he said that I thought, "Oh, this is going to be a great story to tell!" I politely said, "No." "Are you sure?" he asked, "What if you change your mind?" I told him I wouldn't and the answer was still no. A couple of minutes later he leaned over again and said, "I didn't offend you did I? I just thought that if I didn't put myself out there then nothing would happen, and I . . . I think you're cute and you have a pretty smile." I assured him I wasn't offended (in fact, I was quite flattered that he wanted to have a "fling" with me!).

I went through customs, which seemed an unnecessarily drawn out process, and had half an hour or so before boarding my last plane. We arrived in a rainy Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, about two hours later. Even from the air I was struck with how green the island was! I had had the idea of taking a bit of a walk around Charlottetown that night, but with the rain I didn't want to. Instead, I unpacked (I had read somewhere that if you are staying for more than one night, you should unpack, and I'm glad I did), then took advantage of the jacuzzi in my room and sat in there and read. Then wrapped myself up in a large bathrobe and sat on my comfy bed and watched some TV, with the fireplace going. It was lovely, and helped me recover from all my traveling.
You can see the jacuzzi in the corner

Nice welcoming fireplace, so cozy!

I could almost sleep well on this bed! That's a big deal!

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  1. Love your traveling posts, Whitney! Wow - throwing up and being asked for a fling on the same day? That is some serious adventure. The most eventful thing that ever happened to me while flying was that someone mistook me and my brother for a couple and asked us how long we'd been married, ha ha. P.S. If it's any consolation, I think you look a lot closer to 19 than 16 ;)