Jun 20, 2013

Perks of Being a Mormon (PEI Day 5)

Sunday means church! Fortunately, there is a ward that meets just 10 minutes from where I was staying, so I got all ready for church and headed out early, since I seemed to become lost every time I tried to get somewhere. The church was actually easy to find, so I was there 30 minutes early.

Everyone in the ward was super friendly. They all came up to meet me and ask where I was visiting from, which was great. This is the great thing about being Mormon, there is a worldwide network of people to take you in and make you feel at home. The ward was smaller than I was used to, but the talks and lessons were good.

In Relief Society, I sat next to a woman who lives in New Brunswick (I think . . . ) and she crosses over the border to Maine every week for church! That just blew my mind. Imagine going to a different country for church every week. Crazy.

I had some good conversations with the members, which I should have expected. Everyone apologized for the unseasonably cold weather they had been having, though it's not their fault.

After a good day at church, I decided to take a walk and find a place to sit and read. I ended up walking past Beaconsfield again, and onto a nice little walkway by the ocean. After walking a bit, I found a bench where I could read for a little while.

The view as lovely, and the day nice, just warm enough with a slight breeze. There were people out on the water on little boats, and lots of families taking walks. It was a very pleasant place to read, affording comfort and just the right amount of distraction. 

A little while later I decided to continue my walk circling around past the park and the lieutenant governor's house. I also went on a walk later that night to a different part of town, with a nice little memorial garden, down by the wharf. I also got ice cream again from COWS. 

While I ate I took one last look around Charlottetown, since I knew I wouldn't have time before leaving the next morning. 

You know, I had been a little worried about going on vacation by myself. I thought I might get lonely, but I never did. I had a wonderful time! I was so relaxed and never thought about work or home (except when I talked to my parents). There was always something to keep me busy, and things to see. The people were so friendly that I never felt that any need for anyone else, at least, not for the six days I was there. 

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