Jun 18, 2013

Carry On Packing

Before I get started on the particulars of my vacation, I thought I'd talk a little bit about the choice I made to only pack a carry on. I am so glad I did this! I always knew where my luggage was (which was good when I didn't have a very long layover), it prevented me from over packing, and it made going through customs much easier.

I looked at a lot of people's tricks to packing a carry on for a certain number of days, and I was able to pack for a 6 day trip, with an extra outfit I didn't even wear! I had 6 shirts, two skirts, a pair of tennis shoes, pajamas, a pair of jeans, underthings, a straightener, hair things, and make-up (remember that your plane outfit will give you at least another pair of pants and another pair of shoes). By the time I had it all packed up, I still had enough extra room for souvenirs. The trick to packing only in a carry on is rolling the clothes. I only took the bare necessities in both clothes and make-up. Also, since you are allowed two carry-ons (a suitcase and a personal item), it's easier enough to put in the things you're going to want during your trip in your personal item. I took a back pack, and packed an empty purse in it, along with my phone, books, passport, itinerary, journal, and wallet. This I could just put under my seat on the plane and get into it.

I also take a purse with a strap long enough to cross over my body. It may not be the most attractive purse, but I like having my hands free, and not have to worry about keeping track of my purse while I'm wandering around.

So, I'm not an expert at packing and traveling, but those are just a few tips I've been learning about.

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