Dec 31, 2008


Since it is tradition, I have decided to put up a list of my New Year's "resolutions." These are things that I would like to do, or become; this is also the first year that I've ever done this, so here goes.

*Go on more dates
*Take more risks
*Stand by the things I say more firmly
*Be myself, around everyone
*Read the scriptures more
*Be a good friend
*Eat less sweets!!
*Go to the gym (yeah, I know I probably won't, but it has to be on here right? Isn't that another tradition?)
*Be an excellent employee and supervisor
*Learn to be happy with who I am, instead of searching for it in other people

Well, there you go! Happy New Year!

1 comment:

  1. A little belated - but great resolutions!! Go for them!