Dec 18, 2008

Let Christmas Start!

So, for those of you not in college, and that have forgotten (or have never had to experience) about that wonderful thing called FINALS!! YAY!!! I know, exciting. You probably just had chills run up and down your spine. And they probably weren't the good kind.

I have survived! I'm living a life that has seen hardship, and has made it through the wilderness! It was hard, it was life threatening, I lost sleep, I took the tests, and I am still alive! I might be scarred, there might be bruises, but those things heal... it's my brain that I am most worried about. But, as I have seen through experience, even brains solidify eventually.

But, the great thing about getting through finals, is that now it's time for Christmas! I can completely enjoy the season without having to worry about anything, for just a while. I get to watch it snow, listen to Christmas music, and look forward to the big day of fun! Yay for Christmas!

Merry Christmas you all!

Love you all.

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