Dec 7, 2008

My Cupeth O'erfloweth!

This weekend has just been... wonderful. I feel as though God has finally answered a two year prayer! He must have known that I needed to go through trial and when I had done and learned everything I could from it, then he sent the answer.

It all started because my brother dedicated a whole blog post to me. He said amazing a cute things.

Then I rode the bus home with my roomie and she said two things. The first was that she told me of a conversation she had with a guy in our ward that we know. He had asked if I dated a lot and when Cecily answered in the negative he said something to the affect of "That's surprising because she is really cute!" The number two thing was that she told me that I deserved to be friends with people who treat me the way I treat others, and I always treat people well.

I got to spend the day at home, decorating for Christmas. When I was leaving (with the decorating unfinished, unfortunately) my mom said that it always lights up her life when I came home.

At work last night, I received several compliments from some fellow CONErs.

Today was Sunday and it was amazing. It was fast and testimony meeting, and it was so nice to hear others testimonies. In Sunday School I gave a comment, which is very unusual for me. And in Relief Society I had been asked to share about one of my favorite Christmas hymns, and I also bore my testimony (because I'm too chicken to give it in Sacrament). In Relief Society we do these little note things called "Warm Fuzzies" and I got two today! One said "Someone told me that you are really cool yesterday, I wish I knew you better" and the other one told me to "stay beautiful."

The reason I share all these is because of what I've started to notice. When people have a high opinion of you, even if it is an exaggerated opinion, then your opinion of yourself gets higher too. And not only that, but you start to notice all the good things, and become happier. I don't know if this weekend was just especially full of these kind of moments, or if they happen all the time and I just don't realize them, but it was a really good weekend. God has surrounded me with people who not only see who I am, but see who I'm trying to be, and who I can be. They see the potential I have in me and support me in my efforts.

I love you all!

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