Jun 4, 2012

The Story of My New Job

I count myself lucky. In the year and a half since I graduated from college I have been without work for only 3 weeks. I had an internship lined up before I left BYU, had applied and taken a test for another internship before I left that one, and had my current internship lined up right after I started my second. With the economy the way it is, and how hard it is for recent grads to get a job, I count myself very lucky.

Well, at the beginning of the year, I realized that I would have to start looking for a job, having exhausted my internship opportunities. So, I started looking for listings for editors, but nothing really seemed to pop up. Finally, in March I heard about a position at the LDS Church Office Building. It is a full-time project position, meaning salary and full benefits, but only lasting for four years. After the year and a half I've had, four years seemed like an eternity! So, I applied, was called in for a test, and had an interview mid-April (which I feel like I totally bombed). I took the take home test, and turned it. That was almost two months ago and I haven't heard anything since, except that they were still interviewing. For some reason, though, I wasn't stressing. I knew my internship was coming to an end, and that I would be jobless, but there was no anxiety about finding a job.

About two weeks ago I was called into my boss's office. She told me that I could very possibly get a contract worker position with the Papers. I could work 40 hours a week, but I'd be working from home, paying my own taxes, and receive no benefits. Having loved my work at the Papers, I said I would love to do it, mostly because it would be work until I could find a job. She said that they would know for sure in a week and sent me on my way. The next week she called me into her office and said that the contract work had fallen through, but a part-time position would probably be opening up. With this position, I would be working in the office, up to 38 hours a week. I said I would love to!

That's when I realized something. I would much rather work part-time with amazing people, on a project I believe in, then work full-time with great benefits and pay in an awful atmosphere on something I don't believe in. And that's why, this morning, I accepted the part-time position at the Joseph Smith Papers Project! I start half-time (of my part-time) next week to get trained! I'm a little nervous about all the things that I need to learn, and the fact that I'll be in charge of an RA (what on earth will I give him to work on?!), but I've learned how to do jobs before, and I can definitely do it again.

I'm so excited to be able to continue work on such an amazing project, and maybe make a bit of a difference.

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  1. woohoo! you're going to be awesome at the position. they would have been stupid to not keep you.