Jun 9, 2012


This last week, but mostly today, I made my little basement apartment a little more homey by decorating! And by decorating, I mean, putting a picture on the wall. :D

 You might remember the quote block I made in InDesign. I finally went to Hobby Lobby, bought some paper and a frame (the frame was only 9.99), and printed it out. I just got 12x12 paper, cut one down to 81/2x11 so I could send it through the printer and then cut it down again. Glued the quote on another piece of paper and put it in the frame! The frame didn't have anything on the back (like wire holders, or a bar thing or whatever), so I just set it on the new table we got from my grandparents along with all my to-read books. It's really cute!

 This is the banner I made in the first week of Michael Ann's "Becoming a Confident Crafter" series last month. I put the hooks up last year in an attempt to keep my great room a bit less cluttered.

Here you can see the "new" table, with my "new" lamp (both hand-me-downs from my grandparents) along with my to-read books and framed quote block. But really, the best part is my Van Gogh inspired picture that one of my best friends got my for my birthday! For those in the know, it's actually a really nerdy picture, but for those not, it just looks artsy! (I hope . . .)

So, it wasn't a total redecorating or anything, but it's kind of fun to play around with my space. Also, two of my new things I made myself, which is a great feeling!

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