Jun 18, 2012

Reading Journal Comments

About three years ago I started keeping a reading journal. There were a few reasons to do this: 1) so when people asked for a recommendation, I could just look at my reading journal, 2) so I could keep track of what I liked or didn't like, and 3) for my own pride (knowing how many books I read in a year).

I keep this journal in an excel spreadsheet, keeping track of the title, author, whether or not I liked it, any comments about the book, and when I finished reading it (this is another pride thing, seeing how quickly I read some books). Well, I decided to look through some of my comments from the past three years; here are the best ones:

"enough cheese to make a pizza" (Sunlight and Shadow, Cameron Dokey)
"Laugh. Cry. Love." (The Wednesday Wars, Gary D. Schmidt)
"Weird, weirder, weirdest" (The American Dream, Edward Albee)
"the girl was so stupid it bugged me sometimes" (Down the Rabbit Hole, Peter Abrahams)
"very literary and deep" (The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho)
"like twilight but, you know, good" (Evermore, Alyson Noel)
"Oh my gosh, Captain Wentworth's letter at the end? So romantic! So much more romantic that that stupid Rochester XP" (Persuasion, Jane Austen)
"exactly what you would expect from a Nicholas Sparks book" (The Lucky One, Nicholas Sparks)
"The whole time the only thing I could think about was that at the very beginning the MC writes a letter to a girl who can't read: why did nobody catch this?!" (Poison House, Michael Ford)
"hallelujah! A book in a series that actually has an ending!" (Graceling, Kristin Cashore)
". . . the MC was obsessed with Twilight and thought it was the 'best book ever written.' I have a feeling the author thought so too. I was rolling my eyes and laughing at every part that was supposed to be romantic." (Northanger Alibi, Jenni James)
"It's one of those books you read when you are okay with feeling depressed about someone else's life" (Once Was Lost, Sara Zarr)
"Dickens is a genius!! The Circumlocution Office alone proves this" (Little Dorrit, Charles Dickens)
"for 900 pages, not that much happened, though he was really good at hiding that fact." (Inheritance, Christopher Paolini)
"makes you glad you can take baths" (The Wager, Donna Jo Napoli)
"Victorian England, mystery, and a handsome man? Yes please" (Spy in the House, YS Lee)

While I do not recommend all these books, I have included a link to Amazon for all of them so you can decide for yourself (aren't I kind?).


  1. Thanks for the laugh on some of those. :D

  2. Well, right now I'm putting Inheritance CDs on my computer, so I had to share that one with Neil. I've listened to Evermore (and most of the sequels; I think I have the latest/last? one on my comp--I haven't been listening to books as much since my iPod battery started dying), so I understood what you meant there. "Enough cheese to make a pizza" made me grin. :)

    1. *DALE, share that one with DALE! Oh, boy.