Jul 1, 2011

Being an LDS Single

I was source checking in old Ensigns a couple of weeks ago when I came across a gem of an article in an old 1980s issue. I have no idea the name, year, or issue it was in, but it was pretty great. This article discussed the correct way to interact with single members of the Church. Imagine, if you will, that Steve Irwin did an episode on the Discovery Channel about LDS Singles. It would go a little something like this:

Steve: Here we can see the LDS Single in its natural habitat. Now, it's looking pretty tame right now, but just wait and see what happens when we start asking intrusive questions about its love life. Oh, this is going to be fun!

That was basically what the article was like . . . acting as if we LDS Singles are a different species and the "marrieds" don't quite know how to act around us. We are still just people! And members of the Church!

That being said, the article did make some good points. Like, you probably shouldn't say the following things to someone who is single:

"But you're so pretty/handsome! How can you not be married?"

"My wife's brother is single. You should go out!" (The second councilor in my bishopric said this. During a temple recommend interview.)

"So are you married? Why not?"

"Are you dating anyone? Better get on it!" (A bishop said this to me. When I was 19.)

"You have to stop being so picky . . . "

"You aren't getting any younger."

"Don't you want to get married?"

"Temple marriage is necessary to get into the Celestial Kingdom." (Yes, I have heard this. To clear this up, it is only necessary for exaltation, not admittance to the Celestial Kingdom.)

Here's a little advice, if you are truly nervous about talking to an LDS single. We have jobs, hobbies, and even families. There are plenty of subjects to talk about without bringing up the fact that they are single. If they bring it up, follow their lead.

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