Jul 21, 2011

Being a Teenager

You remember being a teenager, right? Mood swings, acne, awkwardness, low self-esteem . . . yeah, it sucked. And yet, there are times in life when we revert back to being a teenager.

Like that middle aged guy in the fancy car. Fantasy car+the money to finally buy it+the need to be young again.

For me, I feel like I revert back to being a teenager whenever a big change comes into my life. Which I have been dealing with the past 7 months as I have transitioned from college student to intern. To intern. It probably doesn't help that I am back to living with my parents.

My life seems to be in a constant state of flux, which makes it hard to settle into this change. Every four months my life has changed.

My emotions seem to go from high to low quickly, just like when I was a teenager. I'm so self-concious, more so than when I was in school. It's like trying to discover a whole new me, and it's strange and, really, a bit uncomfortable.

I can't wait until things get a bit more settled and I can stop feeling like a teenager and more like my age--which is somewhere between not grown up and adult.

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