Feb 6, 2009

Brother From Another Mother

Here is the post I promised when I had written about my real brother. This is about my other brother.

So, my other brother didn't really have a choice in the matter (much like real brothers in that respect) as I just decided that I was going to save him from a life without sisters and adopt him. Fortunately for me, he's been pretty good natured about it. Haha. Course, I do kind of have them both wrapped around my little finger. :)

What makes this brother so great that I would purposely choose to add to my number? Well, he's funny, tolerant (I already mentioned his good naturedness), talented (plays a number of instruments), good priesthood holder, and-as with my real brother- I'm pretty sure he would be there to protect me if the need every arose (arised?).

I'm a lucky girl, aren't I? Bet you all are jealous because you don't have rocking brothers (real or otherwise) like I do, as you should be.

Love ya!


  1. Although the post is sweet, I can't help but grin every time I read that title. Namely because my brain keeps telling me to but an ebonic-accent on it and I can't quite hear *you* doing that so halfway through reading it I can hear Samuel L. Jackson kicking in. :D

  2. AWWW! I feel so loved! you are the best adopted little sister EVER!!! :D

  3. You know, I'm glad you adopted him. Even though it means that I've got to share the love. :D