Jan 31, 2009

How To...

... date 10 guys in 30 minutes!

Friday night I participated in a strange phenomenon called "Speed Dating." The basic concept is thus: a least 100 marrying age guys and girls are all put into a room in the hopes of meeting an eternal companion (or at least someone to go on a date with). At each table is ten guys and ten girls. Every 3 minutes a gong is sounded, and the guys change places; a conversation is supposed to take place until the gong sounds again in 3 minutes. The hope is that at the end of the night you would have found at least 1 person you would like to meet again.

I discovered that it really all just depends on why you're going on these "dates." I heard some people say that they were out looking for dates, and at the end of the night they hadn't met anyone. As for me, I went to meet someone outside of work and the ward. And I met some interesting guys. I think that best thing is did for me is prove to me that not every attractive, nice guy at BYU had a girlfriend/fiancee/wife. And it helped to improve my conversation skills a bit.

True, there were still guys like the ones I have gone on dates with previously (bad conversationalists, and AWKWARD!), but I only had to talk to them for three minutes. And then there were the guys that the three minutes ended and I was loath to let them go because we had just started a great conversation. I don't know if anything will come of this experience, but it was fun to go to!

BTW: I don't have any truly awkward stories to share (unfortunately) but my roommate had a guy accidentally spit on her face!

Next time I might drag my brothers with me! ;)


  1. If by brothers you mean Kralc and I, you might want to revise it to "brother" since Kralc definitely doesn't need speed dating at the moment. He has regular dating. ;D

  2. Just because he has regular dating doesn't mean that he can't experience FAST dating to. And think about it, no awkward doorstep scene!

  3. Yeah, I'm pretty sure his doorstep scene isn't awkward. ;)

  4. Speed dating always reminds me of that scene from "Hitch." Fortunately, it sounds like your experience had a lot less yelling and a lot more of a positive atmosphere. I've always been curious about going to one so thanks for sharing the details. :D

  5. I also forgot to mention how absolutely *awesome* you are for using the phrase "I was loath."

    Completely awesome. :D