Jan 7, 2009


Though I may not be a big fan of snow (especially when I am required to walk further than to my mailbox and back) I have to acknowledge the hushed reverence that covers campus when it is snowing.

As I was walking to the bookstore to, of course, buy some books, I looked around me and was surprised by what I saw as what I was hearing would have suggested something the complete opposite. There were people all around me! And yet, the everyday sounds of college life seemed muted. It was as if the snow blanketed everything and muffled the sounds.

The only time this seems to occur is while the snow is in the process of precipiting. (Yes, I am fully aware that isn't a real word.) After the snow has stopped, the world's sound is turned on again, and the laughing and groaning of college students is heard at full level.

What is it about snow which causes such respect and reverance?

Love you all.


  1. I'm glad you have such a serene experience with snow. When I'm around it, I'm either squealing because I'm about to fall or squealing because I'm in the middle of a snowball fight. Either way, it's quite the opposite. Enjoy the beauty while it lasts!

  2. I think it is because snow is awesome. :)

    (Even though I must agree that it can be scary to drive in. Which is yet another blessing of not owning a car. ;) )

  3. So, Naazju, what, exactly, is the difference between "squealing" and "squeeing." Curious minds want to know. ;D