Jan 24, 2009

To My Brother...

A couple of days ago, my brother asked me if I could think about what he had been doing right, or well in his life. Well, I thought about it, big brother, and I decided to write it on my blog so everyone could know! Here is a celebration of my brother (my biological one, I might have to do another one for my other brother).

Brother. Here are some things that you are doing well as a big brother:

*I know that I can always count on you for help; whether it's for my technology problems, or I just need someone to comfort me.
*You always have my back. You once offered to kill someone for hurting me, and I think you actually might if I gave you the chance.
*You have always been a protector, but you have also been my bodyguard, my support, and my friend.

Here are some things that you are doing right in life:

*You are a good example. You are happy. And a good friend. You aren't afraid to be yourself, or to step out of the box.
*You have determination. If you want to learn something new, or start a new project, you go through with it.
*You are uber talented. You take beautiful pictures, you write amazingly, you can create a mini world in an aquarium, you can cook (deliciously!).

Brother, you are the best big brother I could have. You have always been a hero in my eyes. As humans often do, you have made mistakes, but you haven't let them keep you down (at this point I started singing a song which has those words in it, but that was a complete accident). I know that you are a great friend, brother, and son, and that someday you will be a wonderful husband and father (as long as you don't curse your kids with any of those crazy names you have thought up). And I am constantly amazed that there aren't girls swooning over you, because you are so fantastic! (Maybe if you let me take you clothes shopping? And you promised to wear what I tell you to buy? Maybe?)

I love you, brother. You're a great one.


  1. Thanks for the love Sis!

    One thing though. I don't think I ever offered to kill someone. At least not seriously. ;D

  2. Well, you said that you would hurt them then.