Jan 19, 2009

George the Dragon

We have a real live fantasy creature in our apartment. His name is George and he is a dragon. Though none of us have actually seen George (he's shy), we hear him multiple times a day.

George the Dragon lives in our pipes, and when the water turns he does one of two things (or changes from one to the other):

1) He will either complain loudly about the injustice he has to go through early in the morning as we wake him by turning on the water.


2) He will sing and harmonize with us.

Sunday morning he sang with me. This morning he complained fully, outraged that I would wake up at 8:00 this morning when it is a holiday. But I suppose that he forgave me, because this evening he sang with me as I washed my face and got ready for bed.

How many other people can say they have a singing dragon named George in their apartment?


  1. In my apartment no, but he is known to make an appearance or two in the Provo High Seminary building where I have church.

  2. Yay for singing dragons, even if they occasionally wake begrudgingly. :D