Nov 29, 2008

A Little Time Away

As everyone knows, this week was Thanksgiving which means that I got to go home! Not that I don't get to go home, I do only live 45 minutes away, but I got to go home. I got to sleep in my own bed, eat food that I didn't have to cook (or buy), and RELAX!

But what was really nice about this holiday was getting away from everything for a little bit. From school, from work, from life... To get back to being my mommy's baby girl. I can't live my life like that, I know that, nor would I want too. I enjoy my independence, and my free will. There are times when I do wish that every decision could be made for me, that my words were scripted, that at the end of the day all the loose ends were tied up and if there wasn't a happy ending, at least there was an ending. The mistakes that I made could be forgotten, by me and by everyone.

Life isn't a book, or a movie. There aren't nice, tidy, packaged endings. As tiring as that may be, it's nice too. I have control over my own life... I don't need to be caught in a tower for years waiting for a "prince" to come, or to return my lost dancing shoe. At least I do have decisions and choices, I'm not stuck living a life someone else decided I should live. When I make mistakes, at least it was because I was trying to live my life--I might regret them, and I might remember them and blush for the rest of my life, but they make me who I am. And it's nice to know that it is my decisions that create me.

It was also nice to NOT have to think about things. Socializing (or the lack of socializing that I do ;) ), boys, school work, grades, bosses, customers, brain meltdown! This weekend has caused my brain to slowly harden into a solid mass again. Thank heavens! Now all I need to do is get through two more weeks of classes, and a week of tests and then there is CHRISTMAS!! And another week at home before working again.


Love you all!

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