Nov 4, 2008

It's Over

Isn't it amazing how two words can mean so many different things? For example, I am now saying "It's over!" in regards to October, Halloween, and the Presidential race. No more haunted houses, forests, and mazes, no more scary movies, no more fighting over politics. In this case there is a great connotation to the words "it's over." 

But "it's over" can carry a heavy weight of feelings. As in: a life is over, a friendship is over, an era is over. When these words are heard, it is as if all the world is carried in them. Sadness, relief, frustration, hurt, love, hate, all these things and more.

But they can also be used in a nonchalant, non caring way. Isn't it mind boggling that two words, in combination with voice, expression and event can have so many different meanings? And it isn't just the two "it's over"-- but many combinations or words, an infinite number of combinations all do the same thing. Even just one word. We were given a spoken language to do with as we would, but the words alone aren't good enough. There needs to be so much more put into words; an action to back them up, or an expression to give them meaning, a touch to show the truth. Language can be corrupted, but if we look past the words, that is where the true meaning lies.

There wasn't really anything prompting this post. I started writing without any purpose, and my brain guided my fingers. I love our language, but even I have started to realize that words can't do everything, and that words are sometimes deceiving. We can't rely on the words that are said as much as what isn't being said. 

I love you all.

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