Oct 20, 2008

Victorian Short Fiction Project

So here is something REALLY cool! For my Victorian Literature class, we are doing this amazing research project. What we get to do is go into Special Collections, look through old journals and periodicals, pick a short story out of one of them, and then research that story to death! Yes!

BUT that's not the really cool part (though it is pretty darn cool). We're posting it on the web, which means that if someone is looking up Victorian short fiction, or a specific journal, or a story, or author, they can go there and see not only a short introduction on the journal, but also a transcription of a short story, and the original in pdf form! And this is also something that I can put on a resume to show my editing skills. So what really makes this research project cool is that it's something that will continue on, and not just be thrown away at the end of the semester. Plus, you all get to go see it! Just go to this website: http://vsfp.ctlbyu.org and have a look around! So far I have only posted the bibliography for the journal I'm working on, "Hood's Comic Annual," but hey, I posted something on the internet and I think that is a GREAT accomplishment!

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