Oct 21, 2008

Count Your Many Blessings

I decided to take this advice and "name them one by one." Not that I've been particularly depressed, but things do weigh me down every once in a while, and well "when upon life's billows!" So here are somethings that are blessings in my life:

My family! No matter what I know that they will always be there and they will always love me. When it seems like there is no one else in the world behind me, all I have to do is turn around and there they are. Love you all.

My health. Even though I might get little colds, or twenty-four hour mystery illnesses, I don't have any chronic diseases, and I'm not ending up in the hospital constantly. I don't need to watch what I do, eat, touch, or wear. I think that I got off pretty lucky in this respect.

School. Yes, one of the objects that cause stress is also a great blessing. In English we have been learning about women's rights in the Victorian age, and I am SO blessed to be living in this age where I can learn and expand my knowledge. I am free to pursue dreams and interests without anyone telling me that it's wrong. And being here at BYU has taught me more than just what I've learned in my classes.

Friends/Roommates. My roommates are some of my very best friends. What a blessing they have been for me this year! I have enjoyed my walks with Cecily who makes me laugh while comforting me. I love getting big hugs from Maria, and talking late into the night with her about nothing in particular. And Linda is a great example of righteousness. Then there are my other friends who I know are only a phone call or text away. The Lord may not have blessed me with a great many friends, but the few I have are great friends!

Other things that I am grateful for: living in a free country, music, literature, cameras (what would I do without my pictures to look through and remember with?), beautiful blue skies, the opportunity to work and be independent (for the most part), and, of course, the Church and the Scriptures! What comfort all these things bring to my life! I know that I have lived a blessed life and it is just proof that our Father knows what we each need and can handle. I've been so blessed. Seriously. ;) In times of trial, we just need to remember that along with the trial comes blessings and spiritual growth. Like I said before, God gives us the sugar for the lemons life hands us.

I love you all.

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