Apr 24, 2013

Good Feeling

I love spring time! I love that it's light outside in the morning when I go to work, and I love the blue sky, and the flowers on the tree outside my apartment. I love that it's getting warmer.

Today on my way home from work, I was listening to my music and thinking. I was thinking about London and my time there, then I started thinking about my upcoming vacation to Prince Edward Island, and all of a sudden, I thought "I'm going to PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND!!" A smile appeared on my face and for that one moment, I was excited. Just excited. No anxieties or nervousness about the trip. Excited! Which is a huge deal for me. Especially since a few nights ago I had a dream about everything that could go wrong on the way to PEI, and that made me not very excited about it at all.

I'm so glad I got to have that moment of pure excitement, because I am excited to go, but my nervousness about it sometimes drowns that out. I'm going on an adventure! That's so cool!

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