Apr 9, 2013

Dear Baby E: You Are Uncooperative

It took three days of my following your mommy around trying to feel you kick until you finally gave in and did it. (I literally followed your mommy around--hands on stomach at all times.) I seriously thought that I would go the whole weekend without ever feeling you kick, no matter how I cajoled or talked to you. Then I tried the whole ambushing thing by jumping on mommy's stomach, hands outstretched, thinking that maybe if I caught you off guard, you'd be too surprised to hold back your kicks. I just wanted to see how strong you are, and you refused! Stubborn little girl. May I remind you that I am your favorite aunt? I really wanted to feel you kick because I'd never felt a baby kick before and this would be my last chance until your mommy has another baby, which, at the rate they're going, could be another EIGHT years!

Anyway, Sunday afternoon you apparently started feeling bad for me and you gave me a couple of really good kicks. So, thank you. And then Monday night, right when I put my hand on mommy's stomach, you kicked! That was nice of you. :)

You seem to have grown in the five days your mommy has been in town. You just keep on keeping on, little one. We want you big and strong when you finally come out and meet us. I won't see you again until you are born, so be good to your mommy! I can't wait to see you as a real person, not just some strange idea of a person feeding off of my sister.

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