Apr 15, 2013

A Quarter of a Century

Last Saturday was my 25 birthday! This means several things: 1) I have now lived more than 1/4 of my life; 2) I can rent a car! and 3) I am no longer grouped in with the 18 year olds when I take surveys (Seriously, I have been waiting for this day for two years).

Not only was it my birthday, but the first year anniversary of me receiving my temple endowment. Because of this, I wanted to make sure that I visited the temple on my birthday and did a session. I was talking to Roommate M about what I wanted to do for my birthday about a month or so ago and mentioned this. Then I mentioned that I wanted to go to a temple I had never been to before. She recommended going to St. George and staying in her parents' condo for the weekend and going to the St. George temple. Which was an amazing idea, especially once I remembered that I was a grown up and could take off to St. George for the weekend if I wanted to. haha So, Friday afternoon after work we drove down to St. George. We were both so excited to get to 80 degree weather!

That night we just watched some "Veronica Mars" (we are now on the third season with only two disks to go!). The next morning we went to the temple, which was amazing, and then Roommate M treated me to lunch at Camille's Sidewalk Cafe, where they have really good smoothies. That afternoon we sat by the pool and read, took naps, and (in my case) got a little bit sunburned! An amazing way to spend an April afternoon!

Oh, if all afternoons could be spent this way!

We watched more "Veronica Mars" that night, as well as Quantum of Solace, and Despicable Me (most of which I slept through, because I'm such an old woman now). We went to sacrament meeting the next day and came home.

I think that that little break away from life, though it wasn't majorly exciting, was exactly what I needed. I didn't have my computer, or internet access. I hadn't been feeling well the last part of that week, and it was so nice to just go somewhere where I could relax, with no expectations.

When I got home, I went to my parents' house for a birthday dinner (baby back ribs, shrimp pasta salad, fruit, and asparagus), and opened presents! Then I had cheesecake for my birthday cake.

Here I am! 25 years old! Thanks for everyone who had been a part of my life somehow or another, it's been an amazing ride.


  1. I love how I read this post, and all I could think was, "WHAT BOOK IS WHITNEY READING??? The pic is too blurry! And I bet it's amazing!" Anyways, what were you reading? And happy birthday again! I'm glad you got to have such an adventure.

  2. Haha, I love that you want to know what I was reading, this is partly why we are friends. It's called "The Fairest Beauty" by Melanie Dickerson. Unfortunately, it wasn't as good as it could have been. It's a retelling of Snow White in about 16th century (ish, around there) Bavaria. I had remembered that I had read something by Melanie Dickerson before, and then when I started reading, I remembered I hadn't been that taken with the previous book I had read by her before, either.

  3. Yes! I totally had the same thought as Hilary, "what book is that?!" Have you read Orson Scott Card's version of Snow White?