Sep 17, 2012

Creative Cooking

So the past week my parents were out of town, which meant cooking for myself. It was kind of nice to be reminded that I can take care of myself when necessary, but it also reminded me how creative I have to be to cook for one person. But, it was nice to be cooking for me and to be able to use as many burners on the stove as I wanted, without having to make room for roommates. So, that was a plus. :)

Several times at work today my mind would wander to what I would have for dinner when I got home. The only thing I could think was, "Well, I have some chicken in the freezer." So that's what I decided to do (after looking through everything else in my freezer).

I cut the chicken into strips, then dipped the strips into flour, an egg, and bread crumbs with grated parmesan cheese and italian seasoning. Then I fried it in a pan with olive oil. I like cooking the chicken nearer high than medium, because I feel like it makes the chicken more juicy. I also had a summer squash fried in butter with salt and pepper, and pasta-roni parmesan flavor. It was a pretty good dinner!

The rest of the week I had some leftovers and had dinner with a good friend and her adorable daughter. I also made some really yummy spaghetti sauce from this recipe. I actually ended up making 6x as much (on purpose). The size of recipe here is enough for about three people (I've made it before for my parents and me to eat). I use stewed Italian style tomatoes, but also put in some more herbs. Then I just made some pasta to eat with it. The rest of the sauce went into the freezer for a quick meal another time.

So, next time you're making dinner for yourself, look into making some good chicken or tomato sauce!

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