Jun 6, 2011

You Can Learn from TV!

So, I was proofreading a novel at work and came across this word:


Well, now, someone else would just overlook this word. But not me, no sir! Because I used to watch TV (used to . . . ha!) and I learned something from it.

See, I used to watch this TV show called "Joan of Arcadia." In one episode, Joan is talking to someone (well, God) and she says "That's mad anticlimatic."

God looks down at her. "Anticlimactic. Anticlimatic means that you're . . . against the weather."

That was 7 years ago that was on TV, and I still remember that. I will not be tripped up by anticlimatic ever again!!

1 comment:

  1. I've had several anticlimatic moments in my life--often due to the weather being anticlimactic.

    You should coin that term. People complain about the weather all the time. Why not?