Jun 9, 2011

Another Item to Add to My Bucket List

So, about a month ago another blog that I read directed me to 75 Abandoned Theaters From Around the USA. I'll give you a minute to take a look.


*Looks at watch*

Okay. Did you see how beautiful those old theaters are? It breaks my heart to know that they are just wasting away, becoming the camp grounds of druggies, stupid teens, and graffiti "artists." Theaters like that just aren't made anymore.

About halfway through the pictures, I got a big urge to buy one of those theaters and restore it to all it's former glory. Maybe I'd make it into a movie house that shows classic movies on the weekends. Or maybe I would put on plays.

Basically, I just can't stand knowing that they aren't being appreciated, so one day, when I have loads of money from marrying that rich handsome man, I am going to do it.

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