Oct 22, 2010

Weekend Update

For those of you familiar with SNL, this is kind of like the Weekend Update with Seth Meyers, just not as funny.

Went to work, nothing exciting there.
Went to class, nothing exciting there.
Went to the Mac Lab to work on my big project, again. My phone buzzed, telling me that I had two voicemails. Once I listened to them, my whole day was turned around! I had been chosen for an interview for the internship at the Church Magazines! Wow. I'm a little nervous, but pretty excited because I didn't think I would even get to the interview stage.
That night for FHE we tie-dyed t-shirts! That was the first time I'd ever done that. Very fun.

Had a work meeting, nothing exciting there.
Had class, nothing exciting there.
Had the longest closing shift at work, nothing exciting there.

Had work, nothing . . . well, you know.
Had class. We had critiques on our designs and my TA liked mine! Maybe I'll get a better score on this project than my last . . . especially with the amount of work I've had to put in.
Made Chicken Noodle Soup for dinner. Mmmmmm.
Won $5200 playing Jeopardy! that night. (Yes, sometimes I keep score)
Stayed up late reading Birth Marked. It was good, you should read it.

Did homework.
Worked on my design project while listening to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
Went to class.
Wrote in my novel.

Went to work.
Thought I was going to have to go work on my project, but my TA sent out an e-mail pushing back the printing date by a week. Yay!
Took a nap.
Watched How to Train Your Dragon.
Wrote in my novel.
Went to bed.

That night I had the creepiest dream that I was living with a homicidal maniac who was trying to kill me and my roommates.

That's it. Nothing too exciting. :)

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  1. You forgot the most important thing on Tuesday--you called and sang to your favorite sister! You even practiced! Well... not really.