Oct 12, 2010

Review: Thirteen Reasons Why

The last book I just read is a book that takes a look into how all of our lives are interconnected with everyone else's. This is Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.

When Clay Jensen finds a package on his bed after school, he's excited. What he doesn't expect is the package to contain seven audio tapes from Hannah Baker--who killed herself two weeks before.

These are the thirteen reasons why Hannah was driven to do what she did. And Clay is one of them.

This book is an interesting insight to how one action can lead to another completely unknown consequence and how anyone could stop the snowball effect if they tried. I am sad that Hannah felt that this was the only way out, but I also feel sympathetic to some (emphasis on some) of the thirteen people she talks about on her tapes. If someone is pushing you away, if someone won't talk to you, how can you help her? Do you keep pushing, or will that make it worse? Or do you do what you think she wants you to do and just leave? And, when she does do something drastic, can you truly blame yourself in retrospect?

It is a bit depressing, so the next book I'm reading is a fluff book and I'll make sure to review it.

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