Oct 28, 2010

Growing Up

The past four or so months I have slowly started to come a realization--I'm growing up. I have realized that I have to put away my teenage way of dressing and approaching life . . . especially since I haven't been a teenager for almost 4 years!

I have made some efforts to start being more grown-up. I got a grown-up purse, and am working on getting a more grown-up watch. And you know what? Being grown-up doesn't mean you have to be boring! You can still be fun!

Today I did something that was very grown-up. I had my first grown-up interview. About a month ago I applied for an internship at the Church magazines. Going to my interview in my grown-up suit, I was very nervous. My hands were cold, and my tummy felt a little sick. But I looked good, and I was going to do this thing. I had prepared, but I could hear some of the questions they were asking the previous candidate and they didn't ask any of the questions I had prepared for! But there wasn't anything else I could do but go in and do my best with what I had.

For the most part, I think I did pretty well. There is one question that looking back on, I realize that I think I misunderstood it. But something great came out of this interview. Janet Thomas, who works with the New Era, said that she loved two of my pieces that I had submitted in my portfolio and would like to publish them! She gave me her e-mail address--not the magazine's, but hers--and asked me to send them to her. So if nothing else comes out of this experience, that is more than I could have asked for.

Sometimes, when I'm being a grown-up, I feel great and so comfortable in the role. But I still have those moments when I feel like a little girl playing dress up.

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  1. That's cool--what were the two pieces about?

    Let me know when you find out anything!!!

    And I'm older than you and sometimes feel like a little girl playing dress up!