Mar 14, 2010

New Dress!

For any of you who are females, and LDS, you can probably relate to the feeling of having a new dress to wear to church-especially if you are in a single's ward. I've been wanting a dress for a long time (I just have skirts), mostly because I see all the girls in my ward in their cute dresses. Plus, it seems like these girls all have something new to wear every week when I keep wearing the same skirt and shirt combinations over and over again. (My mom has accused me of being vain, and I guess I am a little . . . oh well.) So, I finally got a new dress at this great store in University Mall call 2Love.

I'm so excited to go to church in my new dress! Finally, something cute that I own! I even got a flower for my hair that matches!

Have a good Sunday!

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