Jan 3, 2014

Unknown Paths: An Original Poem

I stand on a road of my choosing,
too many paths in front of me,
each one as less taken as the next.
The paths are dark and winding.

I cannot look backwards,
that road was walked and blocked.
The forest before is the only choice,
which path will lead me safely through?

Some I have stepped towards
only to find they end after the first step;
others seem so dark, tangled, and rough
there can't be any good from walking them.

"Guide thou my feet," I pray as I consider
the paths that lay before me. I am lost.
The way is slow and dark and I,
I am forced to take it, step by step.

So I take that step, cautious and trembling,
toward that path I feel forced upon
and all my hope is given to a faith
which leads me ever onward and upward.

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