Jan 6, 2014

A Change in Routine

Hello everyone. Today is the first day of my new schedule, which is a little weird. For now until whenever I find another job (either part time or full time) I'll be at work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, leaving me to my own devices on Mondays and Fridays. To keep myself from going crazy and/or feeling like a lazy, slothful person, I've come up with a schedule for those two days.

I'm going to write in the mornings (on Fridays, after I go to the temple), then I'll clean a room in the afternoons, as well as job searching/reading/journal writing/guitar playing/grocery shopping/working out, etc. The afternoons are sort of free, as long as I am doing something productive.

Today, as I said, has been a little weird. I woke up as I usually do, which confused M to no end. I just felt that if I woke up at the same time as always, and got ready for the day, then I would feel more like I was doing something more than just being lazy. This morning, I ate breakfast, read my scriptures, made some tea, and sat down with my computer to write. Today, I wrote for about two hours, working on the letter game. It just felt weird, sitting down on my couch at 7:30 instead of arriving at work. I'm wearing jeans instead of a dress. Everyone else in the complex was going to work and school, and I was here in my apartment.

When M got home from her class, she asked me if it felt like a Monday. In a way it does, but in a way it doesn't. It doesn't quite feel like a Saturday though, either. Saturdays are lazy, with me sleeping in and not getting dressed for a long time, then I read or watch TV. I also don't feel overly distracted, which surprises me. I think this has to do with the schedule I created: yes, there are dishes in the sink, but I have time set aside for dealing with that, so I don't have to worry about it at the moment. We'll just have to see how it goes from here.

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