Jan 19, 2014

A Personal Victory

I think that we should celebrate the small victories of everyday, so I'm going to share with you the victory I'm most proud of from this last week: I learned how to unclog a disposal!

Monday evening I was making dinner when I tried to put some food down the disposal, but instead this happened:


It was after the apartment complex office had closed and I didn't want the water just sitting in the sink for a day or more, so I decided to figure out how to fix it myself. 

This involved calling my dad on FaceTime. I think he was amused by my antics as we went about "troubleshooting" the problem. (Can you use troubleshooting for anything or is it specifically for computers/technology?) The first thing I tried was using a plunger. Since M and I don't have a plunger, I headed next door and Boy Next Door #2 let me borrow theirs. That didn't actually do anything, but it was a good try and I'm grateful to have such good neighbors. 

After the failure with the plunger it was time to go under the the sink and check out the pipes. First I emptied as much of the water in the sunk into an empty garbage can, then got a towel and a bucket to put under the pipes to catch all other water/refuse. Taking off the pipes meant dealing with a pretty foul odor. I then had to put a spoon handle in the pipe from the disposal to unblock it. 

When the water come gushing out, along with a whole bunch of carrot peels. I immediately jumped up and ran to the other side of the kitchen, exclaiming how gross it was. I heard my dad laughing on his end of the phone. 

I got everything cleaned up and the pipes put back together--the first time with no leakage! I was so proud of myself that I told everyone I talked to about it at least once. Possibly twice. :)

Anyway, so that was my little victory this week! Here's to all of your little victories 

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