Apr 28, 2012

Four Years

Today marks four years since I got on an airplane for the first real adventure of my life: England. Since that time, I have been measuring time from then: Four years have passed since the time of England.

So, let's review what has happened in the past four years:

. . .

Um . . .

Let me think . . .


Oh! I got it! I graduated from college. That's something cool, right? Maybe not on par of flying halfway around the world, seeing amazing sights, and traveling all around a foreign country, getting fat off pastry and chocolates, but, what can I say?

Speaking of chocolates, I have finally lost all the weight that I gained in the eight weeks I was over there. And it only took me four years! Not bad. :)

But, seriously, I really can't complain. My life has had a lot of good moments. Before I graduated from college, I was promoted twice at my job at the CONE, ending on the high note of Front-end Manager. I graduated from college, and in the past year alone I have had three different and wonderful opportunities in terms of internships.

The only thing is, going on the London Study Abroad didn't quench my thirst for adventure, but whet it. As much as I want to see the world, the place I want to see the most is England. The more I read and learn about the country, the more I want to see and experience. I think that going back to London would be like returning home, because I felt at home there. I think it opened my eyes to the beauty of the world, and since then I have tried to find the beauty of everything and everyone.

So, until I can return to my other homeland, I will try to remember all the great things I have, right here, in little ol' Utah.

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  1. Has it really been four years! Sheesh! I think that means it is time for us to go back! I keep trying to convince Erik he can fly whatever plane he wants as long as it has a base in England. We will see how that goes!