Apr 3, 2012

Train Creepering, Getting Extended, Being Tested, and Other Things

I just realized that I haven't really given a big update on what's going on in my life for a while, so, here ya go.

I'm a bit of a train creeper. Not to the creeper extreme of wanting to follow people home or discover their entire life stories, but I'm a bit of a people watcher. One of my favorite things to do is look to see what people are reading. And can I just say that my dislike of Kindles has grown because unless you are sitting right next to the person, you can't tell what they are reading! Very frustrating. Anyway. Humans being the creatures of habits that we are, I tend to see the same people on the train everyday. There's this one woman who is about 45 or 50 who reads books like Elizabeth the Queen, and this one weird one about dogs. She reads really slow too. Yes, I measure her progress. One of my favorite creeper victims is an older gentleman. The first time I ever saw him, his gray hair was down to his chin, he wore ripped jeans, and had glasses that magnified his eyes--you know, the way glasses do when they are really thick and you didn't pay to have them specially made. And if he did sit on the train, he sat with his hands under his thighs, with his torso and neck pushed forward, looking around him. The first time I started feeling a camaraderie with him, he sat across from me and Reading Lady. I looked at him and he leaned forward and peaked at RL's book. I almost laughed! Someone as interested in what other people were reading as I was.

For the past couple of months I have looked forward to seeing him. The first change was that he cut his hair a little bit. Then one day he wore a really nice pea coat. Then out came my favorite accessory of his--the Sponge Bob Square Pants Lunchbox!! Hahahaha! I hadn't seen him for about a week when I saw him yesterday. He was wearing a suit!! And his hair was cut even shorter and combed nicely back. But worst of all? No Spongebob Lunchbox! It's like I didn't even know him anymore! Today he was also wearing a suit, but at least he had a really awful tie on, so I feel that his awesome personality was still coming through.

In other news, my internship got extended until June!! I've got a bit more time to find a real job.

Speaking of real jobs, I applied for my first one last night! It's working for the LDS Church, and includes benefits. Pretty nice position actually. Well, this afternoon I got a call asking me to come in for an editing test. I'm pretty sure that everyone who applies is asked to take the editing test, as a sort of weeding out thing, but it's the next step to finding a job! If I do well on the test, I'll probably get an interview. I'm not going to stop applying, but it's a pretty good start, I think.

Also, everyone should check out my friend Melissa's blog! Not only am I going to be featured on it soon, but Melissa is an awesome person who is writing an awesome blog.

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