Mar 11, 2012

Sunday Special: Staying Focused

This last week I took a break from work to meet up with a friend on Temple Square.

As I was waiting for her to come, I stood staring into the reflecting pool, thinking how beautiful it was to see the temple reflected on the water.

Just as I was thinking this, a gust of wind came by, disturbing the water and obscuring the reflection. My response was sadness! I couldn't see the temple anymore! Just the tile on the bottom and the light reflecting on the ripples of water.

But then I changed my focus, and I could just make out the outline of the temple beneath the waves and ripples created by the wind. And if I kept my focus, I could continue to see it, no matter how the wind blew.

And I started thinking (in my deep thoughts that I sometimes start to delve into when left to my own devices) that this is so indicative of life. As long as I keep my focus on the temple--the place I want to be able to be worthy to go to--the waves and ripples of life can't keep me from seeing my end goal. They don't disappear, or stop, but they don't hide my goal from me anymore. But if I focus on the ripples of life, my goal disappears and is hid and it takes effort to find the focus again.

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