Jan 17, 2012

Someone at Work Knows Me Too Well

Around March of last year, I got a free Josh Groban calendar. I didn't use it at home because I already had one and it had all the birthdays and stuff written on it already, so I didn't put it to use until I started working at the JSP. I got a bit of flack about it from the male historians (good natured flack, no worries) and they started doing things like this and this to Josh.

It had become such an integral part of my cubicle that I felt I needed to get a 2012 calendar, but I couldn't find one!! I mentioned this one day and a few days later, I found this outside my cubicle!

Someone made me a January calendar with Josh on it! Basically, made my day. I have no idea who made it, but I think it's awesome that someone would do that for me.

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